April 5, 2021

Customer Care Benefits: Optimise Your Google Maps License for Best Results

Google Maps Customer Care Benefits

At Snowdrop Solutions, we have recently launched our upgraded Customer Care packages, to ensure that our customers get the best value from Google Maps.

After years of supporting our customers in relation to their use of Maps APIs and possible anomalies they might find in their reports, we needed to come up with an enhanced service that protects customer’s usage at the same time that implements best practices.

Snowdrop Customer Care keeps your usage understood and your costs under control. The upgraded Care packages are delivered for all customers served by Snowdrop.

What are the benefits of being part of one of our packages? Our colleague Miriam Gonzalez explains them below.


We are really focused on specific industries and have extensive knowledge and experience in your sector. Thus, we can advise on technical deployments whilst taking into account a very important aspect which is your customer satisfaction through a familiar and engaging user experience.

Specialised Customer Care Team

With the added value of having our very own in-house location experts to consult with you, our specialised team advises best practices in your vertical for maps user experience.
We would like you to think of Snowdrop as an extension to your team, open to help and provide you with insights and optimisation recommendations which could make a good difference in your monthly Maps spending.

Dedicated Technical Support

We work closely with you to provide detailed answers to your queries., logging technical issues with Google and keeping you informed of the Google Maps Platform roadmap updates.

Monthly enhanced reports and analytics

Our unique reporting set allows deep data interrogation to a degree not available through the out-of-the-box console reporting and we’re told by our customers that these reports are the best in the industry. At Snowdrop, we have a suite of internal tools to monitor the usage and cost at a very granular level. This detects any anomaly or peak and includes cost and usage trends and comparisons with observations on existing usage.

Our detailed reports include Real-time data intelligence, based on key analytics and demand. This capability would prove beneficial when launching new campaigns as we can track trends on specific API traffic by hour.

Control and insight of spend

We provide insights around costs per APIs and we are able to go down to specific details that the Google Console does not provide. Combined with our tips in optimization and recommendations will have a positive impact in cost savings.

Forecast cost estimation

We strongly believe that your business would benefit from keeping all your Google Cloud & Maps licensing in one place while reducing billing issues across the wider organisation.

Snowdrop works with you to project the API usage and return cost forecasts based on monthly API calls. This would allow a deeper level of cost reporting by business unit, cost centre or territory.

Monthly billing alerts on your account

To help you with project planning and controlling costs, Snowdrop sets monthly budget alerts and we ensure that the application of pricing is correct. This way, you have the cost under control at all times.

Customer Care benefits: dedicated team

We are committed to helping where possible and ensuring that your Google Maps deployments and user experience are where they should be. Our job is to help you get the best Return of Investment (RoI) from this technology, and if there are aspects to service you would like to suggest, then we would welcome any areas we can look to improve our offerings.

If you would like more detailed information about the packages we have available, please contact your account manager or send us an email at customercare@snowdropsolutions.co.uk

Success Case

BigChange, a UK cloud-based technology provider that offers solutions to manage mobile workforces and operations, is a demonstration of the positive result of our Customer Care service.

The company recently experienced a quick growth in usage recently which led to unexpected charges. Due to the high rapidity of the growth, it caused an increase in the number of requests hence the cost associated with it. The team at Snowdrop Solutions identified this spike and communicated as soon as it was discovered to the BigChange team who took prompt action

After making the appropriate changes, the expected application deployment cost in terms of the Google APIs, has been reduced by ~73% and the number of calls to the Google Maps APIs by ~66%.

Since working with Snowdrop BigChange has grown 50% year on year, we have found the service exceptional both technically and always answering questions within agreed service levels. I can highly recommend Snowdrop as a map provider. They have my 5 stars.
Martin Port BigChange
Martin Port
CEO & Founder

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Miriam Gonzalez
Miriam González – Account Manager, Snowdrop Solutions

Miriam is Snowdrop Solutions’ Account Manager for Travel, Transport and Real Estate sectors, having worked alongside leading companies on those verticals for almost five years now. Specialised in Customer Service and optimisation, she has been responsible for post-sales and customer support at Snowdrop since she joined the company in 2016. With a Master’s degree in Marketing Management and Sales, Miriam provides exceptional and personalised solutions for our customers.