About Us

Our journey began in 2013, when Ken Hart, our CEO and founder, recognised the need for reliable, scalable technology solutions centred around geo-location. He formed Snowdrop Solutions, leveraging the partnership established with Google Maps Platform, to address this technology requirement for several key verticals including, Travel, Transportation and Real Estate.

The company’s evolution did not end there. Snowdrop Solutions has continued to innovate its original idea of accurate location-based services to introduce one of the first commercially available financial transaction enrichment platforms, the Merchant Reconciliation System (MRS) API. By combining precise location data with equally accurate merchant information, Snowdrop is leading the way for financial institutions to deliver the most compelling and engaging consumer solutions available today.

Our mission

At Snowdrop, we are dedicated to delivering the right technology to businesses that demand the utmost clarity for their consumers when interacting with their financial, travel, real estate and transportation applications. We are experts in the field of geolocation solutions and payment data enrichment. Snowdrop brings over a decade of experience in helping businesses design the most compelling user experiences for their consumers.

Whether it’s our work in transaction data enrichment to transform ambiguous transactional data and provide accurate merchant information, categories, Google Maps location information, and logos, or our support for Google Maps Platform solutions to enable best-in-class location-based services, Snowdrop has been the leading solution provider of choice for dozens of businesses across the world.


As a testament to our commitment to innovation, we are proud to be part of the Google Maps and Visa partner ecosystem.

As a Google Maps Premier Partner, we leverage the most up-to-date geolocation capabilities for leading companies to connect with their customers and deliver the best experience and verified information in real time.

In addition, as part of Visa’s fintech connect partners programme, we offer our expertise in transaction data enrichment to financial institutions in Europe, so that they can adapt these solutions to their digital platforms and thus fulfil consumers’ expectations and advocate for a better experience when using their services.

One global collective,
uniting an experienced, dynamic, and diverse team

The heart of our success lies in our exceptional team. We’re a group of talented individuals from various corners of the world, bringing together a wealth of ideas, skills, and perspectives. This diversity fuels our drive to create cutting-edge digital user experience solutions.

If what you’ve read so far aligns with your core values and you’d like to see if we have any current openings, you can browse our Careers page and send us your CV.

Snowdrop offices in London