Merchant Contact Details

Facilitate smooth handling of transaction-related queries by providing quick and verified access to merchant information.

Merchant Contact Details in Snowdrop's API

For the end-user

Enhanced browsing experience:
By offering merchant contact details, you grant your users convenient access to relevant information.
Increased trust:
By providing clear merchant contact details, users feel more confident and trust the authenticity of transactions.
Benefits of using merchant contact details in banking transactions

For the bank

Reduced disputes and chargebacks: Adding merchant contact details reduces operational costs by allowing the user to contact the establishment directly.
Boost traffic:
Keep users engaged with comprehensive transaction information easily accessible in your application.
Success stories: Nationwide Building Society

Reduce Operating Costs with Merchant Contact Details

By providing merchant contact details, Nationwide significantly reduced operating costs related to resolving transaction-related queries, by up to 30%

Nationwide using Merchant Contact Details in their banking app

Transaction Location

Add precise geo-enrichment data to each transaction.

Accurate Logos & Names

Empower your users to identify their transactions more easily.

Transaction Categorisation

Provide meaningful spending insights based on categories.

Sustainability Insights

Foster more sustainable consumption habits.

How does MRS ensure compliance with data protection laws?

Snowdrop MRS complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring no personally identifiable information is required or processed within its systems.

How does Snowdrop’s transaction enrichment API enhance the user experience?

By providing users with logos and categorisation for their transactions, the banking experience becomes more personalised and open. This can increase consumer confidence in the bank and encourage customers to continue using their services. Additionally, with enriched data, banks can better understand their customers’ spending habits, allowing them to provide more personalised offers and recommendations.

How can Snowdrop Solutions help?

By leveraging enriched merchant information and precise location data, banks can offer a more personalised, transparent service that users trust. Due to increasing consumer demand for transparency from banks, data enrichment has become an essential tool in providing more detailed information and enhancing the overall customer experience. Our extensive partnerships with Visa and Google allow us to share the latest product updates and best practices, not only from our experience in financial services but also from other crucial sectors like real estate, travel, and transportation.