Transaction Location

Integrate precise geo-enrichment data with each transaction to create intuitive experiences that reduce consumer anxiety, boost engagement and foster trust

Create an intuitive user experience in your banking application that instils consumer confidence with location-based data enrichment services.

Enrich transactions with precise location data
to reduce confusion and potential disputes
Understand consumer spending locations
and unlock geo-targeted services on the go
Provide location spending insights
and enhance the banking experience with valuable activity habits

Snowdrop is a Google Cloud Premier Partner

As a Google Maps Premier Partner, we have exclusive access to the latest advancements and updates around Google Places API. This ensures that our services are constantly upgraded with the most accurate and up-to-date data available, guaranteeing superior performance and reliability.

Improved performance
Consistent API responses
Simplified pricing
Integration with Google Cloud Platform

For the end-user

Greater transparency:
Help your users easily identify where they made their purchases by locating them on an intuitive map.
Increase Engagement:
Location-enriched transactions boost consumer engagement with bank statements on mobile phones.
Reduce customer frustration:
Providing the exact location of purchase helps the user to understand their spending record better.
Benefits of Transaction Location

For the bank

Competitive advantage:
Stand out by offering a superior banking experience, setting your bank apart from the competition.
Increase traffic:
Use geospatial data to effortlessly direct your customers to the nearest branches and ATMs.
Decrease in fraudulent transactions:
The use of geospatial data helps to verify the identity of customers at the point of purchase.
Smart Transaction Categorisation

Transaction Categorisation

Provide meaningful spending insights based on categories.

Accurate Merchant Name and Logo

Accurate Logos & Names

Empower your users to identify their transactions more easily.

Merchant Contact Details

Contact Details

Facilitate the resolution of unknown transaction queries.

Merchant Sustainability Tags

Sustainability Insights

Foster more sustainable consumption habits.

What key features does Snowdrop MRS offer?

Key features include real-time transaction enrichment, geo-enrichment solutions, multi-channel support across web and chat interfaces, and extensive transaction categorisation up to granular levels.

How does Snowdrop MRS handle transaction data clarity?

MRS enhances transaction data by including merchant real names, logos, categories, location on maps, opening hours, contact details, merchant ratings, and additional contextual data about the merchants and businesses.

How does Sowdrop MRS interact with Google Maps Platform?

Snowdrop MRS API leverages Google Maps Platform’s Geocoding and Places APIs to enrich transaction data. These APIs provide precise merchant locations, cleaned-up names, websites, and additional information. Additionally, Snowdrop preprocess the data before sending it to Google Maps to ensure even more accurate and relevant results.