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Rapid implementation
through a single API

Developer-centric API deployable within days, consistently refined for optimal performance.

and highly scalable

Crafted for effortless scalability and seamless integration, ensuring high deployability.

Accessible across a
variety of technologies

Our API enriches transactions from any payment scheme and open banking sources.

Secure and
reliable platform

Snowdrop’s MRS API is GDPR-compliant and it does not require any personal data.

Benefits of Transaction Enrichment

Enhanced User Experience
Increased customer satisfaction, trust, and brand positioning.
Lower Operating Costs
Proven decrease in customer service queries by up to 30%.
Reduced Customer Churn
Improved customer lifetime value and minimised customer attrition.

API Features for the Most Accurate Data

Display the clean merchant name and add logos to every transaction for easy identification.

Allow your customer to contact the merchant directly and reduce disputes and chargebacks.

Provide insights into the sustainability performance of the merchants.

Accurately order purchases for better control/tracking of spending habits.

Provide your users with the verified address of their purchase to avoid potential fraud.

Blend Seamlessly with our Enriched Data API

Enhance data accuracy by integrating meaningful details into each transaction, enriching the overall dataset with valuable insights.
Ensure instant transaction recognition, swift identification of fraudulent transactions, and real-time engagement within your operational processes.