January 30, 2024

Boubyan Bank Partners with Snowdrop for Enhanced Payment Experience

Boubyan Bank partners with Snowdrop Solutions

Kuwait / London (United Kingdom) – 4th January 2024

Boubyan Bank, the Islamic Bank founded in 2004 in Kuwait, has sealed a partnership with Snowdrop Solutions, a world-leading expert in data enrichment for consumer payments and financial transactions. 

This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in enabling users of Boubyan Bank’s app to have a complete and seamless view of their financial transactions. The objective is to elevate the digital banking experience, ensuring customers can effortlessly manage and understand their financial interactions.

Abdulaziz Al Wazzan, Senior Manager of Digital Product Development, emphasised the importance of keeping pace with the swift rhythm of digital transactions. He stated, “Amid the rapidly changing digital landscape, we recognise the necessity to introduce services that align with our customers’ evolving needs. These services must be in line with Boubyan’s digital pulse, meeting their aspirations and providing them with convenience, ease and speed.”

Al Wazzan highlighted that the partnership with Snowdrop is a strategic move in this direction. Through this alliance, Boubyan app users will have access to a detailed record of their daily payments, enriched with additional information about their purchases and precise purchase locations.

“Many of us deal with unclear details in our daily payment records, often forgetting the specifics of where or to whom a particular amount was paid. With this service, customers will receive a comprehensive breakdown of each transaction, addressing these pain points,” he explained.

Boubyan Bank Digital App

In addition, the ease of use will extend to displaying the merchant’s name and brand logo for quick and easy identification. This will be accompanied by the geographical location where the transaction occurred, shown on Google Maps, along with its website and contact details. This innovative approach ensures a fast and efficient browsing experience for every payment transaction.

Ken Hart, CEO and Founder of Snowdrop Solutions expressed his enthusiasm for the strategic partnership with Boubyan Bank: “Our collaboration with Boubyan underscores our commitment to transforming the user experience in digital banking. Leveraging Snowdrop’s expertise in transaction data enrichment, we aim to provide Boubyan Bank’s customers with a clear and enriched view of their payments and financial transactions. This ensures seamless management of their financial interactions with transparency and ease.”

This collaboration between Boubyan Bank and Snowdrop Solutions is poised to redefine the digital banking landscape in the Middle East, offering customers unparalleled clarity and convenience in managing their financial transactions.

About Boubyan Bank

Boubyan Bank, a leading Islamic bank based in Kuwait, is known for its excellence and dedication to customer service and its market leadership in innovation. Boubyan provides retail banking, corporate banking and wealth management services following provisions of the Noble Islamic Sharia.

Embarked on a mission to make lives real and drive prosperity, its vision is to pioneer world-class financial and digital solutions. Its commitment, based on innovation, empowerment and momentum, is to create transformative banking experiences.

Recently, Global Finance recognized Boubyan Bank with three prestigious awards at the global, regional, and local levels for the year 2023. This recognition was in appreciation of its prominent role and contributions to various sectors of the digital Islamic banking industry. The bank achieved “Best Islamic Bank in the World in Digital Banking Services” in addition to “Best Islamic Bank in Kuwait in Digital Banking Services” and “Best in the Middle East” in the same field.
For more information about Boubyan Bank, please visit https://boubyan.bankboubyan.com

Media contact at Snowdrop Solutions
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