Costa Coffee: Helping consumers find their closest coffee shop

Passionate about delivering perfection through a cup of coffee, this is how they make their communications more relevant to consumers and boost sales.


Solving problems & making it easy

With more than 4,000 coffee shops in 31 countries, Costa Coffee wanted to make it easier for its global customers to find the most convenient Costa Coffee shop or delivery platform, and highlight what services are available and at what times. They also wanted to improve the accuracy of location information to prevent customers from selecting the wrong store for order collection.


Enhancing the customer experience with Google Maps APIs

Costa Coffee enhanced its existing Google Maps Platform solution, provided by Premier Partner Snowdrop Solutions, to create a visual app that offers interactive geospatial features. They used the Maps Static API to embed maps within their app, the Geocoding API to convert addresses into coordinates for creating markers on maps, and the Places API to allow customers to search for Costa Coffee facilities based on their location. They also used geomarketing to surface local offers and integrated the service with their online payment system for a seamless transaction process.

Costa Coffee Mobile App with Google Maps integrated
Person using Costa Cooffe Mobile App with Google Maps


Driving growth

Costa Coffee used Google Maps Platform to improve the customer experience by providing easy access to their nearest location and services, resulting in fewer customer service calls and increased satisfaction. They also used geospatial intelligence to comply with changing pandemic-related policies, promote contactless payments and ensure the safety of customers and employees. Leveraging geospatial data from in-app orders, Costa Coffee identified demand, tracked user preferences and optimised operations, effectively managing costs. Geomarketing also enabled them to target local offers and expand their global footprint, while maintaining their personalised service using Google Maps Platform.

“Google Maps is now a key part of our digital operations. It helps us to make our communications more relevant to consumers and boost sales by ensuring that consumers always know where and when to get their cup of Costa Coffee.”

Gordon Lucas
Global Head of Digital Engineering