Nationwide: Decrease in transaction-related queries by 30%

UK-based Nationwide Building Society, the world’s largest building society, has implemented Snowdrop’s Transaction Enrichment API to enhance its mobile banking app.


A clearer, more visually appealing experience

Nationwide’s customers needed clarity over their transaction data and the ability to access their transaction statements and spending summaries in a more visually appealing and understandable way. Nationwide also wanted to reduce unnecessary customer service calls by providing a visual reminder of the payment location.


Transaction enrichment and precise location data, all within the app

The integration of Google Maps into Nationwide’s mobile app has been a successful move for the building society. By leveraging Google’s geolocation technology, Nationwide’s mobile app has become more user-friendly and intuitive for its customers. Users can now view and manage their account information based on their current location, such as finding nearby branches or ATMs, locating specific transactions on a map, and receiving personalised offers and promotions based on their location.

Nationwide Banking App List View with Transaction Enrichment


Strengthened brand loyalty and increased consumer confidence

By enriching transaction data, statements and spending summaries become clearer, visually appealing, and easier to understand. This boosts consumer confidence, drives brand advocacy, and reduces unnecessary customer service calls. Nationwide saw a 30% decline in transaction query calls within the first three months of introducing this feature.

“I am extremely impressed. Visa and Snowdrop came together to create a solution that is easy to implement and helped us deliver cost savings and empower our members.”

Darren Mead
Banking App Product Owner