Homesearch: Visualises 24 bn data points to boost search capability

By making it easier for people to navigate the property market, Homesearch aims to change the way people search for property online.



Building a much more fluent experience

Homesearch wanted to build a map-led search tool that could visualize and contextualize the data they’ve compiled on millions of properties across the UK. Their vision was to put a map at the centre of the property search, allowing users to easily explore areas and dynamically update results with filters and search criteria. To achieve this, they collaborated with the team of location data experts at Snowdrop Solutions, a Google Maps Premier Partner, who advised and optimised the use of the APIs.


Adding Google Maps APIs: Big data, frictionless search

Homesearch overcame its initial challenge of collecting accurate data on 28.8 million properties in the UK from all publicly available data. Using data science and machine learning, the company built a comprehensive property database in two years. It also aims to change the way people search for properties by displaying information in a more accessible and less restrictive way than traditional methods. Homesearch relied on Google Maps Platform’s reliability, ease of use and familiarity with users to make this a reality.

Homesearch Mobile App with Google Maps
Homesearch Platform using Google Maps


An intelligence platform for professionals, a data resource for the public

Instead of a spreadsheet of data about each property, or a rigid and cumbersome selection process, Homesearch’s emphasis on map-led navigation gives potential buyers and renters the freedom to explore options they might not consider otherwise. Combining its formidable data processing capabilities with Google Maps Platform allows Homesearch to build a product that gives its users the highest quality information in a clear, easy to understand manner. Snowdrop Solutions helped them not only to re-launch its offering to an eager audience, but also to plan for a greater scale of service.

“We have around 24 billion items of information on more than 28 million properties. With Google Maps Platform, we can let customers display that data in a clear, easily understood geographical context. It’s so quick and simple to use that customers can search in a much freer way than before.”

Giles Ellwood
CEO & Founder