Travelodge: Interactive map led to an 11% increase in time on page

Travelodge has been a leader in the UK hotel industry for over 30 years, providing high-quality hotel services. With over 550 locations spanning the UK, Ireland, and Spain, Travelodge caters to a diverse clientele, whether they’re on a business trip or exploring for leisure.

Travelodge Hotels


Redefining user booking and browsing experiences.

In the digital era, Travelodge aimed to fortify its online presence and elevate the customer booking experience. With an extensive network of properties, the challenge was to empower customers to make informed choices from the wealth of options. The goal was not only to showcase the hotels but also to provide comprehensive information about the surrounding areas, facilitating seamless journeys from arrival to departure.


Charting the Way: Using Google Maps for Seamless Experiences

The solution to this challenge was a comprehensive maps feature that condensed a wealth of information into an easy-to-use interface. By capturing the data on an accessible map, Travelodge ensured that customers could effortlessly access crucial details at the right points. The map not only highlighted the hotels, but enriched the overall travel experience by showing nearby attractions and amenities.

Travelodge Mobile App with Google Maps APIs
Travelodge Mobile App with Google Maps APIs


Increasing time on page and reducing bounce rate: The metrics of success

With the strategic implementation of the Google Maps APIs, Travelodge witnessed remarkable improvements in user engagement and trust. Bounce rate experienced a notable reduction of up to 3%, proving customers’ increased ability to find relevant information efficiently. Interactivity with the map resulted in an 11% increase in time spent on the page, showing a more immersive and informative experience. Beyond the metrics, the implementation fostered a tangible increase in customer confidence when booking, consolidating Travelodge’s commitment to providing a seamless and reliable digital booking experience.

“Snowdrop’s expertise, combined with Google Maps, enabled Travelodge to put the customer at the heart of our mapping. Surfacing key information about the hotels as well as supporting the customers need to find everything about the surrounding area and critically, travel times and directions.”

James Loar
Head of Product