May 14, 2024

Guavapay Limited Partners with Snowdrop to Enhance User Payment Experience

MyGuava partners with Snowdrop to Enhance Users Payment Experience

London, United Kingdom – May 14th 2024 – In a move that will enhance user experience and financial transparency, Snowdrop Solutions and Guavapay have today announced a strategic partnership. The collaboration will further enrich transaction data in the MyGuava App, a product of Guavapay Limited.

MyGuava, a global fintech company focused on international money management and payments solutions, will leverage Snowdrop’s transaction enrichment solution, known as the MRS API, in its application, providing customers with details like merchant names and logos for clearer purchase identification.

By seamlessly enriching user transactions with merchant-verified names and logos, this integration significantly improves users’ ability to identify their purchases, fostering greater confidence and trust in their financial activity. This translates to a more streamlined user experience, as fewer unrecognised purchases require clarification – MyGuava further benefits from optimised resource allocation and greater business scalability.

The adoption of Snowdrop’s MRS API aligns perfectly with MyGuava’s vision of empowering users to be free from financial limitations. By providing enriched transaction data, MyGuava users gain greater control over their finances and valuable insight into their spending habits. This aligns with MyGuava’s core principle of equipping their customers with the tools they need to make informed financial decisions. Enriched data complements MyGuava’s commitment to facilitating fast and convenient money transfers, providing a holistic financial experience for its users.

MyGuava app with Enriched Transaction Data

“At Snowdrop Solutions, we strongly believe in the power of strategic collaboration between businesses that aim to improve users’ lives,” said Ken Hart, CEO & Founder at Snowdrop Solutions. “We are pleased to partner with MyGuava and empower their users with a more transparent and convenient financial experience, which will ultimately help them unlock their economic potential through secure and innovative tools.”

“This collaboration with Snowdrop Solutions aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing our users with the best possible tools to manage their finances. We feel strongly that this partnership will be a game-changer for our users, allowing them to make more informed and confident financial decisions. With Snowdrop Solutions we can significantly enhance the public’s money management skills, increase spending awareness, and become part of the solution for their improved financial health.”

Kamal Hasanov, Group CEO of Guavapay Limited.

Snowdrop Solutions and MyGuava are actively working to expand the reach and functionality of the enriched transaction data within the MyGuava mobile app. This would include the potential addition of Google Maps’ expanded view, providing users with even more detailed information for each transaction, such as purchase location and merchant contact details.

About MyGuava

Guavapay Limited is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom as a Small Electronic Money Institution with the reference number 900888. Guavapay Limited is a global payments solutions company that integrates all payment-related services and products on a mission to supercharge individuals and businesses alike. Consisting of the MyGuava App and MyGuava Business, the company is dedicated to simplifying payment processes and ensuring that financial services remain accessible and affordable to people around the globe. From facilitating global transfers and money management to offering multi-currency business accounts, Guavapay Limited is rapidly emerging as an innovative player in the fintech industry.