January 10, 2022

Nickel teams up with Snowdrop Solutions to enhance user experience through the MRS API

Nickel partners with Snowdrop Solutions

Paris  – 10 January 2022

Nickel to show their users where their transactions take place.

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France’s leading payment service Nickel has partnered with Snowdrop Solutions to offer their customers a way to better understand their spending habits. This new feature, available on their mobile app, replaces the often confusing list of transactions that appear in bank statements with a clear merchant name, logo, associated category, website and address.

Utilising Snowdrop’s Merchant Reconciliation System (MRS) technology, the service provides its customers with highly accurate, up to date enriched information about their transactions. Simultaneously, it also helps customers detect suspicious activity and freeze their card if needed, preventing subsequent fraud.

Nickel transactions in French
Nickel transactions in Spanish

With a clear focus on transparency and trust, Nickel provides an engaging user experience that is built upon values of clarity and comfort when spending.

More than ever, we believe in the relevance of our service for consumers seeking proximity and flexibility and transparency in an uncertain economic context linked to the health crisis,” said Marie Degrand-Guillaud, Deputy Director of Nickel.

With more than 2 million customers, Nickel consolidates its status as one of the largest current account distribution networks in France, with more than 6,000 active points of sale to date. And they are not stopping there: already present in Spain since the end of 2020, Nickel aspires to establish itself in six new countries by 2024. An operational deployment in Belgium and Portugal is already planned for early 2022.

To execute its international development plans, Nickel counts on Snowdrop’s global scalability to expand seamlessly to other countries. Both companies are focussing on strengthening their partnership to include in the future more features that enhance Nickel’s online banking experience, remaining faithful to the strategy that has made them successful so far.

About Nickel

Nickel offers a current account that is open to everyone, regardless of incomes or assets, with no possibility of overdraft or credit. The account can be opened in 5 minutes at a tobacconist’s or a point of sale registered as a payment service agent with the ACPR and provides, for €20 per year, an international Mastercard®, a bank account details form and tools for tracking transactions in real time (Web, mobile, SMS). To date, more than 2.3 million Nickel accounts have been opened through a distribution network that includes more than 6,300 partner sales outlets.

Media contact at Nickel
Philippe Serre
Head of Brand and Communications

Media contact at Snowdrop Solutions
Ana Cantero
Marketing and Communications Manager