June 30, 2020

Rebellion, Spain’s first neo-bank, enhances user experience with Google Maps and Snowdrop Solutions

Rebellion partners with Snowdrop Solutions

New step in digital banking: location intelligence arrives

Madrid, 30th June 2020
  • 47% of Spanish people have increased digital payments during lockdown, accelerating an already existing trend, which is expected to continue to reach 3 billion users worldwide by 2021.
  • To avoid the uncertainty generated by not knowing the information of the merchant where the transactions are made, Rebellion now allows to control all the movements through Google Maps, consolidating a new milestone in the user experience of digital banking.
  • The Spanish neo-bank has more than 150,000 users: 50% make their purchases with a virtual card, and 15% through their mobile devices with Apple Pay and Google Pay

The state of alarm caused by COVID-19 and the consequent social distancing has given a boost to digital services. The banking sector has seen how mobile devices have become the centre of financial operations, as reflected in the latest report by Capgemini, which states that 47% of Spanish people have increased digital payments during the lockdown, accelerating an already existing trend that is expected to continue in 2021, the year in which there are an estimated 3 billion online banking users worldwide, i.e. 53% more than there are today.

Rebellion Pay, the neo-bank for the mobile generation, has taken a step forward to improve users’ purchase control by being the first in Spain to offer Google Maps “Location Intelligence”, which allows users to take full advantage of location technologies, the latest capabilities and digital mapping developments of this platform.

Thanks to this functionality, the user will see a reduction in the uncertainty of transactions, by knowing all the data of the merchant, location, date and time and by providing a unique visual experience of their operations.

Rebellion logos

Collaboration between Rebellion Pay, Google Maps & Snowdrop Solutions

Rebelion Map Details

Rebellion was born with the premise of offering a transparent and intuitive financial solution, and this collaboration with Google Maps is a natural step in the evolution of our service and a clear example that we are continuously working towards that goal”.

Sergio Cerro, CEO at Rebellion Pay

Thanks to Google Maps and Snowdrop Solutions’ product, Merchant Reconciliation System (MRS), the new Rebellion app update locates on a map where the purchase was made and visual information about it such as its logo and name so the end user can better identify it.

With this new update that enriches and displays transactions clearly, Rebellion takes a step forward in improving the user experience, positioning itself alongside the best neobanks in the world. With MRS and Google Maps technology, it provides a more intuitive solution that makes app users better understand their operations”.

Ken Hart, CEO at Snowdrop Solutions

The “Like Generation” makes its purchases with a virtual card and through Apple Pay and Google Pay

Rebellion has acquired more than 150,000 users in its 3 years of life. Of which more than half make their purchases with a virtual card, and 15% through their mobile devices with Apple Pay and Google Pay. In addition, these users focus their spending mainly on purchases in large eCommerce, meals in restaurants or at home, video games or streaming services.

Rebellion allows us to centralize expenses and manage personal finances and use the APP how, where and when the user wants, having a visual and transparent control of where those expenses are made, and even saving thanks to the discounts and cashback options we offer when contracting services or subscriptions for this type of platform,” says Cerro.

Three years growing and shaping trends in Spain

Rebellion has recently signed an agreement with Mambu, a leading German multinational in the provision of cloud-based financial technology, thus taking its first step towards the European market, where it aims to expand its critical mass of customers and its product offering.

The startup has experienced significant growth and has a multidisciplinary team of 38 people of 8 nationalities. “We were born with a clear vocation for growth and internationalization. Our goal is to strengthen our services and expand throughout Europe and Latin America,” says the company’s CEO.