Hanseatic Bank: Elevating app user ratings to 4.6

By leveraging Snowdrop Solutions’ Merchant Reconciliation System API, Hanseatic Bank has not only addressed their challenges but also witnessed tangible results in terms of customer satisfaction and improved ratings.


Giving Users a Better Understanding of Their Finances

Hanseatic Bank, renowned for its customer-centric approach, acknowledged the importance of enhancing transaction data for its users. Their goal was to offer customers with comprehensive and real-time information enriched with geospatial insights, empowering them to make informed financial decisions. The challenge they faced was finding a reliable and advanced solution that would meet their requirements and seamlessly integrate with their current systems.


Unlocking Data’s Full Potential with Transaction Enrichment

Snowdrop Solutions, with its expertise in location-enhanced data enrichment, proved to be the perfect partner for Hanseatic Bank. Through the implementation of Snowdrop Solutions’ Transaction Enrichment API, Hanseatic Bank effectively harnessed geospatial insights to contextualise and analyse transaction data in real time.

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Brand Advocacy and Increased Consumer Satisfaction

Following the introduction of the new functionality, Hanseatic Bank has experienced a remarkable enhancement in their Google Play Store ratings, rising from 4.3 to an impressive 4.6. This notable increase highlights the positive impact that the enriched transaction data has had on their customers’ satisfaction and overall banking experience.

“Our focus on creating special customer experiences through innovation is what sets Hanseatic Bank apart. We are excited about another opportunity to work closely with Visa and now fintech partner Snowdrop to offer more digital services in the future.”

Michel Billon
Managing Director