June 4, 2018

Snowdrop Solutions presents its latest Fintech solutions at Money 20/20 Europe

Money 20/20 Europe 2018

Today our CEO, Ken Hart, is presenting at the Money 20/20 Europe 2018 event. 

The aim of attending this outstanding Fintech event is to share our latest solutions around digital mapping and location intelligence with leading financial companies and digital banks.

Working with some of the leading challenger digital banks in Europe, Snowdrop Solutions along with the Google Maps and Cloud Platforms helps create new digital banking experiences in the area of merchant reconciliation, fraud, and identity management. These new solutions reduce the confusion and complexity of traditional banking whilst providing new location-based insights.

There are plenty of possible integrations with Google Maps for the banking sector. As Fintech and digital mapping experts, Snowdrop Solutions has developed several solutions involving location intelligence and Google Places best practices:

MRS – Merchant Reconciliation System

The Merchant Reconciliation System (MRS) is a cloud-based service which enhances the details of merchants that a user sees in their transaction list.

MRS - Merchant Reconciliation System

MRS builds upon location intelligence in conjunction with Google capabilities for identifying and locating places where transactions have been made.

By improving the transaction details, users benefit from re-assurance about the transactions they have made: where, when and exactly who the transaction was with.

Banks, scheme providers and other consumer financial providers gain from reduced call volumes relating to transactions that customers cannot readily identify. MRS helps to take the anxiety away from the customer and simultaneously reduces the call volumes.

Fraud Management – GeoSDK

GeoSDK is a suite of capabilities that can be deployed in mobile applications to return location information concerning a user’s device.

GeoSDK - Fraud Management

The matching of location information obtained from devices gives additional information for fraud decision-making systems and can help to better focus intervention efforts for fraud.

Location information from GeoSDK helps digital banks to lower false positives, adding more security and reassurance for both banks and users. It is used to validate addresses, the location of individuals who are registering or enacting transactions and can be applied to create a historical location record of a user’s device.

More information:

Snowdrop Solutions is currently working with leading digital banking companies across Europe, providing Google Maps support and developing these product capabilities individually.

If you are interested in knowing more about these products and how they can be implemented into your business, please reach out to us by filling the contact form below or by sending an email to hello@snowdropsolutions.co.uk