• Spending Insights Screenshots

    Navigating the Summer Holiday: Spending Insights and Transparent Banking

    Uncover how banks maximise transaction data enrichment for spending insights and seamless budget tracking in the summer holiday season.

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  • Enriched Transactions: Webinar Takeaways

    Webinar Takeaways: The Power of Enriched Transactions

    Get insights from our recent webinar with Google Maps and Visa on enriched transactions in digital banking, benefitting both institutions and consumers.

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  • WebGL: Bringing Maps to Life for Delightful Experiences

    Discover the magic of WebGL, transforming map exploration into immersive and memorable journeys for users.

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  • Transaction Data Enrichment_List View

    Transaction Data Enrichment: A Key Functionality for Banks in Today’s Market

    Transaction Data Enrichment is now vital for banks. Discover how to optimise and scale these services with Snowdrop's Enrichment API.

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  • Merchant Logos: Before and after

    Building Customer Trust: The Role of Merchant Logos in Data Enrichment for Banking

    Logos are pivotal in modern branding, serving as a visual representation of a company's identity and crucial in transaction data enrichment for banks.

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  • Data Driven Styling

    Creating Dynamic and Interactive Maps with Data Driven Styling

    Unlock dynamic maps with Google Maps Platform's Data-Driven Styling. Customise in real-time based on data and user interactions for better engagement.

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  • Advanced Markers

    Enhance Your Maps with Google Maps’ Powerful Advanced Markers Feature

    Explore how Google Maps Platform's Advanced Markers elevates your maps with versatile features and customisation for engaging experiences.

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  • Quick Builder

    Quick Builder: The Google Maps Low-Code Tool for Location-Based Experiences

    Create engaging location-based experiences in minutes, no complex coding required. Perfect for developers and non-developers alike.

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  • Enriching transactions with categorisations: a must-have in digital banking

    Visualising consumer spending through categories is a must in digital banking. Learn about its benefits and implementation to enrich transaction data.

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  • Google Maps in 2022: What's new

    Google Maps: 2022 announcements, ranging from new APIs to innovative services

    Our location-based services experts explain all the new announcements from 2022, along with practical examples to help you make the most of them.

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  • Flashback End of Year Editions: Top 5 stories 2022

    Flashback End-of-Year Edition: Top 5 stories of 2022

    We put together this recap of our top 5 stories of 2022 which includes innovative partnerships, client developments and new product launches.

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  • Enhanced version MRS

    New enhanced version of our transaction enrichment API released: Merchant Reconciliation System™

    At Snowdrop, we have released an enhanced version of our MRS API, which includes new data sets and is even faster to implement

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