January 2, 2020

Fintech Connect 2019: Snowdrop Solutions & Google Maps showcase MRS and Location Intelligence solutions

Ken Hart Alexey Anatskyi FIntech Connect

In December 2019, we ended a wonderful year by presenting at  Fintech Connect London alongside the Google Maps Team.

Snowdrop CEO Ken Hart, took the stage alongside Alexey Anatskiy, Google Maps Platform EMEA lead, to talk about delivering delighful experiences as well as the latest trends in the financial services sector. Relying on our previous collaboration with many challenger banks, Snowdrop outlined some of the lessons learned over the past two years, sharing insights and examples with the audience.


During the keynote, Snowdrop spoke about how location intelligence is beginning to transform the end-user experience. Based on the latest projects carried out at FinTech, Snowdrop also addressed the impact Location Intelligence will have on the banking sector in the next decade.

The two-day event was packed with several thousand attendees. The Snowdrop and Google Maps team sat down to a series of discussions with a wide range of banks and startups from across Europe and the Middle East at the Google Maps Platform booth.

FinTech Connect presented a fantastic opportunity to meet and understand the wide range of companies and offerings available on the market. Different views often create new perspectives.

The problem: today’s banking experience

Historically, banks have not always communicated well with consumers. Often, transaction information is incomplete and easily misunderstood. As a result, this “dismal” experience with messy data leaves consumers confused and often creates sufficient anxiety to call customer services.

We think there is a better way. For example, by enriching and visually displaying transaction information, banks can dramatically improve both customer satisfaction and reduce costs in the call centre in a short period of time.

As shown in the picture, better bank statements reduce consumer calls to the call centre while deepening insights and engagement with consumers.

The problem of finance today

People everywhere are expecting more value from banking

People expect more value from banking

Banks are no longer just a place to safely store money. Nowadays, consumers look for valuable content, insights and user experience when choosing their banking provider.

Increasingly consumers expect specialized offers based on their expenses, lifestyles and habits.

Dozens is a good example. This challenger bank exemplifies the new philosophy of a digital services provider that tries to build trust both with their consumers and the local communities.