July 2, 2024

Snowdrop Solutions geo-enriched transaction data API, MRS API ™, now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

MRS API is on Google Cloud Marketplace

Snowdrop’s MRS API offers seamless integration of advanced geo-enriched transaction data on Google Cloud, enabling a better user experience in digital banking and a significant reduction in operational costs for banks and other financial institutions.

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London, United Kingdom. 2nd July, 2024.

Snowdrop Solutions, a Premier Partner for Google Cloud in the Sell Engagement Model, is excited to announce that its MRS API is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. The MRS API, built on Google’s latest generative AI and mapping technologies, enables customers to integrate advanced geo-enriched transaction data quickly, accurately and effortlessly at scale.

Banks often face the challenge of presenting transaction data in a clear and understandable manner to consumers, leading to confusion and, ultimately, reduced user engagement. The MRS API addresses this problem by transforming confusing banking data into clear, insightful information. The Snowdrop MRS API enriches financial transaction data by adding detailed merchant information, such as accurate merchant name and logo, merchant contact details, transaction categorisation and purchase location on Google Maps.

Benefits of Snowdrop MRS API on Google Cloud Marketplace

Google Cloud customers can now swiftly and easily access Snowdrop’s advanced geo-enriched transaction data API through the marketplace, aligning with Snowdrop’s core principles of being reliable, deployable and secure within a few hours. This approach to solving transaction enrichment ensures that users can leverage the powerful features of the MRS API with minimal effort or investment of time.

The MRS API offers several key benefits, including improved user experience for consumers using banking applications or websites, increased customer engagement as well as higher ratings for mobile banking apps, greater transparency and increased confidence in consumer interactions, and a reduced number of queries to call centres or other customer service functions.

List View with Enriched Transactions
Detail View with Enriched Transactions
More Information in Detail View with Enriched Transactions

MRS API is in production with numerous banking organisations, cleaning nearly 1 billion messy transactions per month across 200 countries and territories. The MRS API enhances the overall customer experience while creating consumer loyalty and reducing customer service inquiries. Key features of the MRS API include:

Simple request / response API:
Integration can be completed in hours
Flexible transaction processing:
Supports individual or bulk transactions
Real-time enrichment:
Designed for rapid response times
Scalable solution:
Capable of meeting the demands of the largest banks

Ken Hart, CEO & Founder of Snowdrop Solutions

“Joining Google Cloud Marketplace reinforces our commitment to making our MRS API readily available to all banks and financial institutions that seek more complete and accurate data. This step also strengthens our collaboration with Google Cloud as a Premier Partner, allowing us to offer our solutions on their robust marketplace platform.”

Ken Hart, CEO & Founder of UK-based Snowdrop Solutions

Google Cloud Marketplace provides users with a streamlined way to deploy functional software packages on Google Cloud, facilitating quick and easy start-up with services like Compute Engine or Cloud Storage without the need for manual configuration.

“Bringing MRS API to Google Cloud Marketplace will help customers quickly deploy and manage the geo-enriched transaction solution on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure. Snowdrop Solutions can now securely scale and support customers on their digital transformation journeys.”

Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs at Google Cloud

For more details about Snowdrop’s transaction enrichment API and to easily access their Google Cloud Marketplace listing, click below.