March 16, 2023

Enhance Your Maps with Google Maps’ Powerful Advanced Markers Feature

Advanced Markers

Advanced Markers is a powerful feature offered by Google Maps Platform that allows developers to create highly customised markers for their maps. These markers can include images, text, and other custom content, making them an ideal way to highlight important locations or provide additional context to your map. Moreover, Advanced Markers can load up to 66% faster than the traditional markers, and provide faster panning and zooming.


One of the key benefits of Advanced Markers is the ability to create dynamic, interactive markers that can respond to user input. For example, you could create a marker that displays additional information when clicked, or that changes colour based on certain conditions or user preferences.

Enhancing Your Maps with Advanced Markers

Enhancing Your Maps with Advanced Markers

Enhancing Your Maps with Advanced Markers

Enhancing Your Maps with Advanced Markers

Enhancing Your Maps with Advanced Markers


With the new ‘PinView’, you can now change the colour, background, icon, and outline of the default red pin directly in your code, with no image needed. 

For example, a travel company can change the colours and icons of places around hotels, to make it easier for users to pick their ideal hotel. Or a logistics company can change the colour of a marker to reflect the status of packages or vehicles as changes occur in real-time.

You can also create custom Advanced Markers using any custom HTML element that responds to user interactions and can be styled with the full flexibility of CSS. 

For example, a real estate company can enable markers to display property prices that respond to user interactions to display additional helpful information, such as the property address, square footage, etc 

Another option for customising a marker is to use your own image asset, such as an icon or photo. You now have the ability to use any image format supported by the HTML `img` tag, such as PNGs and SVGs. You can also use CSS to dynamically style and animate Advanced Markers, including changing sizing, opacity, position, colour, and more.  

Overall, Advanced Markers is an incredibly versatile and powerful feature that can help developers create highly customised and interactive maps for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re building a simple location-based app or a complex data visualisation tool, Advanced Markers can help you bring your map to life and deliver an engaging and user-friendly experience for your users. 

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