Maps Platform

  • WebGL: Bringing Maps to Life for Delightful Experiences

    Discover the magic of WebGL, transforming map exploration into immersive and memorable journeys for users.

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  • Data Driven Styling

    Creating Dynamic and Interactive Maps with Data Driven Styling

    Unlock dynamic maps with Google Maps Platform's Data-Driven Styling. Customise in real-time based on data and user interactions for better engagement.

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  • Advanced Markers

    Enhance Your Maps with Google Maps’ Powerful Advanced Markers Feature

    Explore how Google Maps Platform's Advanced Markers elevates your maps with versatile features and customisation for engaging experiences.

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  • Quick Builder

    Quick Builder: The Google Maps Low-Code Tool for Location-Based Experiences

    Create engaging location-based experiences in minutes, no complex coding required. Perfect for developers and non-developers alike.

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  • Google Maps in 2022: What's new

    Google Maps: 2022 announcements, ranging from new APIs to innovative services

    Our location-based services experts explain all the new announcements from 2022, along with practical examples to help you make the most of them.

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  • Connecting the dots with Nicola Dalmazzo

    Connecting the dots with Nicola Dalmazzo, from Google Maps Platform

    Nicola Dalmazzo, EMEA Head of Financial Services, discusses elevating digital banking experience with location-based and transaction enrichment services.

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  • Maps Routes API

    Google Maps announces Routes API

    Learn all about the new Routes API announced by Google Maps, which is an improved version of the existing Directions and Distance Matrix APIs.

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  • Costa Coffee: Helping consumers find their closest coffee shop

    Learn more about how Costa Coffee improved its users' browsing and checkout experience by integrating Google Maps APIs.

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  • Google Maps new features 2021

    Google Maps: These are some of the new features that you can implement

    Explore Google Maps' 2021 enhancements in our blog—unveiling new features, their functions, and practical implementation tips.

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  • Geomob podcast

    Snowdrop Solutions’ CEO Ken Hart Joins Geomob Podcast with Ed Freyfogle

    Ken Hart discusses diverse strategies for integrating location-based services in products across industries with Ed Freyfogle on Geomob Podcast.

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  • Google Maps Customer Care Benefits

    Customer Care Benefits: Optimise Your Google Maps License for Best Results

    Discover our Customer Care Package Benefits: Optimisation, Reporting, Analytics, and more, assisted by our Customer care experts.

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  • BigChange Customer Care

    BigChange CEO, Martin Port, on Successful Customer Care with Snowdrop Solutions

    Read our latest interview with Martin Port, CEO of BigChange, about their experience with our Customer Care team and services.

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