March 29, 2021

BigChange CEO, Martin Port, on Successful Customer Care with Snowdrop Solutions

BigChange Customer Care

“BigChange CEO, Martin Port, on Successful Customer Care with Snowdrop Solutions”Martin Port BigChange

Martin Port

CEO & Founder, BigChange
“Since working with Snowdrop BigChange has grown 50% year on year, we have found the service exceptional both technically and always answering questions within agreed service levels. I can highly recommend Snowdrop as a map provider. They have my 5 stars”

cost reduction in Google APIs application deployment
reduction in Google Maps APIs calls

BigChange is an established cloud-based technology provider that offers a host of solutions to manage mobile workforces and mobile operations. Two of their core products are:

BigChange JobWatch – an all-in-one system for planning, managing, scheduling and tracking your mobile workforce and transport operations

BigChange JourneyWatch – for vehicle tracking comprises back-office capabilities including integration with Google Maps, for live visualizations across four different views.

BigChange has been working with Snowdrop Solutions for 15 months, by acquiring Google Maps Platform licenses tailored to their needs as well as customised support and optimisation. In connection with this topic, we had a quick chat with BigChange CEO & Founder, Martin Port, on how Snowdrop’s Customer Care programme was relevant in optimising the spend.

First of all, how long have you been using Google Maps APIs and how?

BigChange JobWatch mobile workforce management system has been using the Google Maps APIs for a number of years now. A key feature of the system is to identify the optimal schedule taking into account several parameters simultaneously.

BigChange makes extensive use of the Google Maps Distance Matrix API which is a service that provides travel distance and time for a matrix of origins and destinations. The API returns information based on the recommended route between start and end points. BigChange uses it to identify potential travel distances to identify the optimal schedules for their jobs.

Have you experienced any challenges recently and, if so, how did Snowdrop assist?

BigChange experienced a quick growth in usage recently which led to unexpected charges. Due to the high rapidity of the growth, it caused an increase in the number of requests hence the cost associated with it.

The team at Snowdrop Solutions identified this spike and communicated as soon as it was discovered to the BigChange team who took prompt action. At the same time, as part of the Customer Care service, the Snowdrop Team ran an internal investigation to provide further support to help BigChange identify the origin of this growth.

Both companies worked together to follow best practices and implement the measures that had an immediate effect of a significant reduction in Google Maps costs. Some of the measures taken were monitoring the usage and cost, setting up alerts and quota limits and making sure the use cases are compliant with the Google T&Cs.

Can you describe a positive outcome of working with Snowdrop Solutions as your GMP reseller?

BigChange implemented all of the suggested changes and has reduced the expected application deployment cost in terms of the Google APIs by ~73%.
In addition to the cost reduction, the number of calls to the Google Maps APIs has reduced by 66%.

Snowdrop remains willing to look beyond these areas and assist our customers with all aspects of map implementation and usage. If you would like to discuss any of these topics please feel free to contact your account manager or send an email to

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