August 4, 2021

Snowdrop Solutions’ CEO Ken Hart Joins Geomob Podcast with Ed Freyfogle

Geomob podcast

Snowdrop Solutions’ CEO, Ken Hart, joins Ed Freyfogle from Geomob in this podcast which delves into the different ways in which companies from various industries can integrate location-based services into their products and solutions.

You can listen to the podcast at the Geomob Podcast page, or by clicking below:

Following several years of relationship with the Google Maps and Google Cloud teams, Snowdrop Solutions has established itself as one of the leading location-based services providers across Europe, United Kingdom and Asia Pacific. As Ken states in the podcast, the business has moved “from just plotting to creating more contextual experiences”. This is one of Snowdrop’s strengths with its customers in the Travel and Transportation, Real Estate, and Financial Services industries: focusing on improving the user experience and taking best practices and applying them to those sectors, according to what works best for that specific client.

Ed Freyfogle and Ken Hart talk about the different uses of Google Maps Platform within the relevant sectors, from Travel to Fintech. Some recent use cases applied to several Fintech customers have resulted in lower call center costs, increased user engagement and reduced fraud or confusion about certain transactions. “Giving people a visualization of where they spend their money, that transparency builds trust” – Ken says – “Banking is going through a massive change right now. Location will not be a nice to have, but a core component in fraud detection, building better user experience and other areas”.

These use cases are not only applicable to Fintech, the travel sector is facing a recovery period in which the use of location-based technology can have a high positive impact. Users will turn to internet research for more information on where and how to travel, what to visit and how, what measures are in place in each area, and so on. “Longer-term would be people researching through the internet, using platforms to find answers around safe travelling.” concludes Ken.

About Geomob

Geomob organises regular events in European cities, such as London, Barcelona or Lisbon, for location based service creators and enthusiasts. These events take place every few months and provide a relaxed forum to learn about and discuss geo-innovation across all sectors of business and life.
Apart from the in-person events, Geomob also hosts a weekly podcast, led by Ed Freyfogle, co-founder of OpenCage, and Steven Feldman, of KnowWhere Consulting. These podcasts cover topics from the geo industry, interviews with leading mapping technology companies, and provide regular updates about their own projects.