June 11, 2021

Hugo to Enhance banking UX with transaction data enrichment powered by MRS API

Hugo partners with Snowdrop Solutions

Singapore  – 11 June 2021

Snowdrop Solutions celebrates the launch of Hugo who utilises our transaction enrichment technology to provide customers in Asia Pacific with clarity around their spend.

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Hugo has recently launched in Singapore with a digital account that helps users spend, save and invest, starting with gold. Focused on ‘Wealthcare®’, Hugo’s mission is to help everyone develop healthy financial habits where they spend smarter, save more and grow their wealth faster. Hugo has been designed to be intuitive and reflect the way users think and feel about Wealthcare® & financial planning.

One feature that is particularly exciting is the Gold Vault, which allows users to invest in gold as part of their savings plan.

Hugo Save: Roundups App
Hugo Save: Home App
Hugo Save: Gold Vault

Hugo Save: Roundups App
Hugo Save: Home App
Hugo Save: Gold Vault

With a focus on trust and security, it was clear to Hugo that their customers deserved an engaging user experience that provided comfort and clarity around their card spends. Hugo chose to partner with Snowdrop as their transaction enrichment provider owing to Snowdrop’s extensive expertise delivered via our API: Merchant Reconciliation System (MRS), which has been integrated into Hugo’s platform with ease.

Working with the team at Hugo has been a delightful experience. Hugo is an innovative company that thinks about the customer and is developing smart functionalities to support their needs” – said Ken Hart, CEO at Snowdrop Solutions – “They have a clear customer-centric vision for the future and we are pleased to share our expertise and best practices to help them accelerate and achieve their goals.

Snowdrop uses innovative mapping technology that reshapes the consumer experience, turning confusion into clarity.  MRS enables users to readily identify exactly where card transactions take place by displaying the merchant’s name and  logo, as well as adding categorisation to each transaction.

Hugo is beyond just a product. It’s a philosophy that evolves and grows with our customers, partners and all the people who we fondly call our #HugoHeroes. We are inspired by feedback and want to ensure Hugo provides absolute clarity to customers about their financial activity in a simple and intuitive way.
To help our #HugoHeroes better identify and understand their spending activity, we partnered with Snowdrop to provide enhanced information on Hugo Visa Debit Card transactions.” said Braham Djidjelli, Chief Product Officer & Co-founder of Hugo.

Hugo and Snowdrop Solutions will continue to collaborate together seeking new innovations with the customer experience front of mind.

About Hugo

Hugo is Singapore’s first consumer finance app that addresses financial wellbeing. It helps users spend, save and invest, starting with gold.
Hugo was founded by David Fergusson, Ben Davies and Braham Djidjelli with the vision of building financially healthy and thriving communities.
Hugo is headquartered in Singapore with international teams in Singapore and the UK.
For more information visit, hugosave.com.

Media contact at Hugo
Ritza Trivedi
Group Head of Marketing

Media contact at Snowdrop Solutions
Ana Cantero
Marketing Manager