February 6, 2019

Google Maps Platform Introduces Places SDK for Android and iOS

Last week Google Maps Platform launched upgraded Places SDKs for Android and iOS. As your trusted Google Maps Partner, we don’t want you to miss any of this information and we are happy to guide you through these upgrades.

What is changing?

The upgraded Places SDK usage is pay-as-you-go and billed monthly at the same rate as Google Maps Platform, and also offers new enterprise-grade features, including:

  • Unlimited requests (queries) per day (QPD). The current QPD limits are 1K without billing or 150K with billing enabled.
  • Fully supported by Google’s new Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 99.9% uptime;
  • New features like Opening Hours, field masks for Places Details, more frequent updates and quicker bug fixes

What is the end date for making changes?

Effective January 29, 2019, the upgraded Places SDKs for Android and iOS replace the existing versions of the Places SDKs. The current versions of the Places SDK for iOS, the Places SDK for Android, and the Place Picker, are to be deprecated from January 29, 2019, and usage from these deprecated SDKs will be turned off on July 29, 2019. In order to avoid service disruption, existing customers should start using the upgraded SDK versions ASAP and definitely before that July date.

New customers must install the new versions.

What to do?

  • Download the new Places SDKs for Android and/or iOS;
  • Update the mobile applications with your required information from the new Places SDKs features – namely Basic, Contact, Atmosphere;
  • Update applications on the releasing channels (Google Play, iTunes, etc);
  • Ensure end users update your application(s) on the mobile devices.

You can visit the Android and iOS migration guides to install the new SDKs and read the official documentation for more information. Additionally, you can contact our Customer Care Team for specialized support.

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