Opinion piece

  • Clarity through enrichment

    It’s not (just) about Match Rates: Clarity Through Enrichment

    Learn more about how enrichment is the better measurement of success when thinking about financial transactions. 

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  • Elevate Transaction Data: Why Accurate Match Rates Matter

    Discover the importance of match rates in transaction data enrichment for enhancing consumer satisfaction and business efficiency.

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  • Making Mobile Work

    Making Mobile Work

    In Elliot's previous article "How will we get more without Moore?", we discussed how Moore’s Law is no longer providing the regular exponential increase of processing power that we’ve grown accustomed to. Mobile devices cycles of power are an option but we must first need to look at the current state of mobile development.

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  • Travel industry on the ropes: Airport view

    The Travel Industry is on the ropes. Let us not pretend otherwise.

    We are living in days of uncertainty due to the advancing spread of Covid 19 around the world. Commercial activities have been totally stopped and the most affected sector is the travel industry. How will airlines, OTAs and more evolve? What to do during this crisis and when it passes? Shaun Hudson shares with us how he is seeing the situation from a travel industry expert's point of view.

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