December 27, 2022

Flashback End-of-Year Edition: Top 5 stories of 2022

Flashback End of Year Editions: Top 5 stories 2022

To mark the end of the year, we’ve recapped some of the top news from this year at Snowdrop Solutions. In these top 5 stories of 2022, there is room for new releases such as the enhanced version of our transaction enrichment API, MRS, and also customer releases, such as the sustainability extension implemented by the neobank Rebellion Pay in Spain.

In addition, we continue to develop relevant stories around location intelligence, as Google Maps Premier Partner, as is the case of the success story we published with Costa Coffee in which we explain how we have been working with them in the implementation of Google Maps APIs all these years of partnership.

And speaking of partnerships, this year we have taken the leap to a more comprehensive partnership by joining Google Maps and Visa in Europe in a three-way collaboration.

All of this, with more detail and access to the full news, can be found below in our round-up of the Top 5 stories of 2022.

Learn how Costa Coffee uses Google Maps to improve their users’ experience

At Snowdrop Solutions we have been working for years with the Costa Coffee team on the implementation and optimisation of the Google Maps Platform. This year we have shared how we helped Costa Coffee improve their user experience when collecting their orders throught their mobile app.

Read the Case Study

Costa Coffee Store

We launched the new enhanced version of our Transaction Enrichment API: Merchant Reconciliation System ™ v3

This improved version brings several benefits to our customers and partners, such as the ability to go to market within days with light technical effort. In addition to the core functions of MRS (categorizations, merchant logo and clean name, merchant address…) new features include ESG tags, green certification, or carbon footprint calculation.

Learn more about this enhanced version

New enhanced version of our transaction enrichment API

First customer rollout on new sustainability extensions

Our partner Rebellion Pay is the first neobank in Spain to offer its users detailed information on the level of sustainability of merchants, in an intuitive and accurate way. With this extension of our transaction enrichment API, MRS, users can clearly see whether the merchants they shop at are sustainable and as well as the initiatives they are committed to in terms of sustainable development.

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New interview series with key figures around data enrichment: ‘Connecting the dots’

We kick off our series of interviews called ‘Connecting the dots’. Conducted by the CEO and Founder of Snowdrop Solutions, Ken Hart, we are joined by relevant profiles in the field of location intelligence, user experience, product, fintech and banking.

Watch the interview with Nicola Dalmazzo, from Google Maps

Connecting the dots with Nicola Dalmazzo

Three – way collaboration around transaction enrichment: Snowdrop Solutions, Google Maps and Visa.

As a partner of Google Maps and Visa, at Snowdrop Solutions we have enabled this collaboration that allows Visa customers in Europe to more easily and quickly access the combined services of data enrichment and geospatial data.

Find out more about this collaboration

Want to know more?

Snowdrop Solutions currently works with leading digital and traditional banks in Europe, the UK and Asia Pacific. Snowdrop is a location and data intelligence company that has been a Google Trusted Partner since 2013 and Visa Europe since 2020. Our transaction enrichment solution, the ‘MRS’ API, brings together our deep understanding of the Google Maps APIs, a proprietary database and a second to none matching algorithm. We offer superior match rates and accuracy to any of our competitors and a unique customer centric approach that, other than transaction enrichment, provides cost savings and churn reduction to our clients, over and over.

If you want to know more about our product, you can access more information on our dedicated MRS page or by contacting us. A member of the team will respond to your request promptly.