November 8, 2022

Rebellion Pay introduces Sustainable tags to banking transactions

Rebellion Sustainable

Madrid – 8th November 2022

Rebellion becomes the first Spanish neobank to offer information on the sustainability efforts being made by the companies that its users spend money with.

The Spanish neobank was Snowdrop’s first Spanish customer to implement our transaction data enrichment service, the Merchant Reconciliation System (MRS) API a couple of years ago, offering clean and precise information on the time, place and moment of purchase. This made Rebellion the first Spanish financial institution to offer geolocation in transactions, using Google Maps Platform technology, which increased the confidence of their users.

Rebellion‘s innovative and challenge-seeking personality make it the perfect fit to become the first company to implement our new ESG tagging functionality, an extension that is part of our transaction enrichment API and allows financial institutions to inform their users of how sustainable their consumption habits are.

In other words, with a quick check on the bank transaction, the users will be able to find out if the retailer cares about the planet and the environment, as well as the initiatives they are committed to in terms of sustainable development. In addition, users will be able to read more information about these initiatives by tapping on them.

“As a neobank, we have the opportunity to guide consumption habits towards more sustainable ones. We know that changing consumer behaviour is one of the main levers of change,’ says Alex Sagrado, Chief Product Officer at Rebellion. ‘If we are able to make a customer understand which merchants invest more effort in being sustainable, and that customer grows its interest in them, we will be triggering a positive change in his habits. The business wins, customers win and most importantly, the planet wins. This is just the beginning of the impact of providing more information about our transactions.’”

This new functionality developed by Snowdrop Solutions has numerous advantages for both the user and the bank or financial institution:

  • Greater transparency of users’ movements
  • More information about shops and purchases
  • Increased awareness and concern for the impact on the environment
  • It helps to understand the environmental commitment of brands and businesses

“We are excited to launch one of the most important environmentally -aware services in the banking sector with Rebellion,” said Ken Hart, CEO and founder of Snowdrop Solutions Ltd. “We believe that giving consumers clear, intuitive ways to see where they spend and to understand the impact of their spending is another significant step towards mitigating climate change,” he added. Snowdrop currently processes several billion transactions per year and can help consumers identify companies that are working on reducing their environmental impact

The two companies are working closely together to identify customer needs that can be addressed using Google Maps Platform and the Transaction Data Enrichment solution from Snowdrop Solutions. The successful implementation of first MRS and now sustainable tagging is proof that both companies are aligned on the same goal and keen to continue working together on innovative new features

About Rebellion Pay

Rebellion Pay is the Spanish neobank that since 2017 believes that a different banking experience is possible. It was born to offer an accessible, transparent and user-focused financial solution. It positions itself as the digital option to conventional ‘tie and branch’ banking. Rebellion Pay offers a 100% mobile current account with Spanish IBAN, MasterCard prepaid debit card, payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay, instant transfers between users, P2P payments, set up direct debit of bills, cash withdrawals at ATMs… and all this without commissions or fine prints. The fintech company also offers its users the possibility of investing in a wide range of cryptocurrencies from June 2021.

Rebellion Pay was founded by Sergio Cerro and Alejandro Sagrado, and is headquartered in Madrid (Spain), with a subsidiary in Vilnius (Lithuania). It is in the latter country where the company was granted the e-money license with which it currently operates.

The startup regularly offers promotional campaigns and actions that benefit its more than 300,000 users. Some of these partnerships are HBO MAX, Waylet (Repsol), AlIExpress,, Uber or Uber Eats.

Media contact at Rebellion
Andrea Granados
Marketing Campaigns Manager

Media contact at Snowdrop Solutions
Ana Cantero
Marketing and Communications Manager